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Preventive Dentistry Services

Preventive services are services that your insurance may call "Class I" and most insurance covers these services at 100%. We are happy to see you every six months for your check up. Our routine 6 month appointments include: exam of your teeth and gums, a thorough oral cancer exam, x-rays one time per year, prophylaxis cleanings, and fluoride. We use digital x-rays to keep our patient exposure at a minimum and to protect our environment by eliminating chemical use in our office.

Learn more about our preventive services:

Oral Cancer Screening

We offer this service for free, one time per year. Dr. Joe uses his Velscope to test adults for abnormal cancer cells that are just under the tissue surface and not visible to the naked eye.

Cleanings & Exams

Professional cleanings performed by a licensed dentist or hygienist are just as important to your dental health as daily brushing and flossing.


Mouthguards and sports guards help to prevent broken teeth. Occlusal guards prevent damage to the chewing surface and periodontal ligaments due to clenching and/or grinding your teeth.


Sealants are exactly that, they seal off the top surface of your tooth with a clear plastic coating which bonds to your tooth. This is to prevent food particles from wedging into the tiny pits and grooves in your teeth, which prevents decay!

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