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What is the difference between Implants, Veneers, and dental Crowns?

Feb 20, 2023
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Implants, Veneers, and dental crowns are to design and implement artificial but realistic and functional teeth replacements. The question remains, what's the difference between Implants, Veneers, and Crown Implants?

Why would you get a Crown, Implant, or veneer? 

Before knowing the difference it's important to know the reason for getting these treatments done. 

Some reasons include 

  • To protect or restore weak teeth that may have decay, or are cracked. 
  • To restore the ability to chew properly.
  • To preserve jawbone, and health of surrounding bones and gums.
  • Chipped tooth, fix the discolored tooth, improve your smile.
  • Restore the cosmetic appearance.


Dental Crown

Easily described, dental crowns are tooth-shaped “caps” placed over your tooth. 

This procedure usually requires two visits

What to expect at the first visit

During your first visit for the dental crown procedure, your dentist will examine and prepare your tooth. To begin an x-ray may be taken to properly examine the tooth. 

The tooth that is receiving the crown will be examined. If your dentist detects your tooth, has decay, a risk of infection, or another incident they may perform a root canal treatment before moving forward. 

If all looks healthy during the examination the dentist will proceed with crown preparation. 

For the crown to fit the affected tooth, its structure will be filed down on all sides. The extent of filing depends on the type of crown to be used. Your dentists can talk to you about your options. 

After trimming the tooth your dentist will take an impression of your bite. The impression will then be sent out to the lab to produce the final crown!

Until the lab has sent back your final crown, a temporary crown will be placed. 

Second Visit 

During your second visit, the temporary crown will be removed and your tooth will be cleaned. 

Finally, when the crown has been examined by your doctor, they will bond the crown permanently over your tooth. 

You are all done! 


Dental Implant (Jawbone)

The dental implant procedure is when the tooth roots are replaced with metal screwlike posts and replacing your tooth with an artificial tooth that looks and functions just like a real tooth! 

The implants bond with your jawbone over time. For this reason, this procedure happens in multiple appointments. 

First, your dentist will perform an examination, to determine if you're a good candidate for a dental implant. Depending on examination a bone graft may be recommended to improve the amount of healthy bone at the implant site (jawbone). 

Next, tooth extraction will be performed and your dentist will place the implant body. To move forward your mouth and bone need to heal. Your dentist will determine how long to wait to schedule your next appointment. 

Next, your dentist will attach an abutment to the dental implant, your dentist may add a healing cap or covers crew to protect your gums and bones. To move forward there is a healing period. 

Lastly, after your gums heal an impression will be taken and the permanent crown will be placed.

Once the permanent crown is placed you are all done!

Additional instructions and recommendations will be provided to you by your doctor.



Veneers offer coverage of cosmetic defects such as a chipped tooth, discoloration, or gaps. Although this restoration visibly looks like a real tooth they do not replace the function and strength of a natural tooth like a tooth implant or crown would. 

First, your dentist will examine your teeth to determine if you are a good candidate for this treatment plan. They may take an x-ray and have impressions done.

Next, your dentist will remove a small bit of enamel from each tooth receiving the treatment to create room for the veneer placement. Another impression will be made with the layer of enamel removed. This impression will be sent to the lab for your permanent veneer creation! 

In the meantime, temporary veneers may be placed. 

Lastly, once the permanent veneers arrive the dentist will apply and cement them to the surface of your tooth. You’re are all done! 


Crown, Implant, or veneer

To determine which of these three options is best for you depending on your wants and needs schedule an appointment with South Hill Family Dentistry, in the Olympia area for a free consultation.