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Exams & Cleaning services offered in Puyallup, WA

Professional exams and cleanings are essential to your long-term oral health. At South Hill Family Dentistry in Puyallup, Washington, their dental team prioritizes preventive dental care so you can avoid problems like gum disease, decay, and tooth loss. Dental exams and cleanings catch any signs of these problems early or prevent them from occurring in the first place. Call today if you’re due for a cleaning or exam, or use the online tool to schedule!

Why are dental exams and cleanings so important?

Even if you have pristine at-home dental hygiene and no complaints about your teeth, routine dental exams and cleanings are essential. Your toothbrush can only do so much to remove plaque and tartar. Professional cleanings remove all traces of these compounds that lead to decay and disease, even from the gum line. 

Professional cleanings can also remove many stains, so you leave the office with a brighter smile. 

A dental exam is critical to ensure your teeth and gums are healthy. During this exam, your dentist can detect any possible problems early, when they’re easiest to treat. 

What happens during a dental exam and cleaning?

If you need X-rays or other imaging, your hygienist takes these first, so the dentist can review them. You’ll review any changes in your dental or physical health that have occurred since your last visit. 

Your hygienist begins the cleaning by removing plaque and tartar from your teeth. They may use a manual tool called a scaler, laser, or water pressure. Once they’ve removed all plaque and tartar, your hygienist brushes your teeth with a high-powered toothbrush and specialized toothpaste. This brushing removes any remaining plaque or tartar and also helps dissolve minor surface staining. They floss your teeth, too.

During your dental exam, the dentist checks your X-rays and examines your teeth and gums to see if they’re healthy. They’ll look at your bite alignment and may recommend treatment with Invisalign® or other orthodontic treatments if they notice problems. A dental exam also includes a check for oral cancer. 

If you elect fluoride treatments, the application comes at the end of your cleaning. They paint the fluoride onto your teeth and let it set for a few minutes. 

How often do I need cleanings and exams?

Most people schedule cleanings and exams every 6 months. This helps keep your teeth feeling fresh and smooth and can detect any potential problems that develop with gum disease or decay before they set in and cause significant damage. 

Patients with a history of gum disease may require more frequent cleanings and exams. This includes gingivitis, characterized by bleeding gums, or fully developed periodontal or gum disease. 

Call South Hill Family Dentistry to book your dental cleaning and exam today. You can also use this website to request an appointment.